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Gray's circumcision pt1

Posted by FTMulti on November 27, 2011 at 1:05 AM

There is an interesting fact about the male members of Fairy Tail. They are raised by the Master Makarov, their teacher (Gray) and dragons. Thus, there is one question remained for them. Are they cut or uncut?

This is a story when Lucy just joined to the guild. She is quite a lucky girl as she can always peek at Gray naked body. However, she found an interesting fact that he is uncircumcised. So one day, she asked Erza, as she knows that she had take shower before naked with both Natsu and Gray. She asked either Natsu is also uncut. Erza, being she is still a small kid and never aware of it, she only remembered clearly that sometimes when Natsu or Gray fight, they sometimes pull their opponent foreskin as long as they can, which in the end will caused them pain but always ends with a good laughter.

 Knowing the fact that they are uncircumcised, Lucy asked Loke, either he is still uncut. Loke, he is already been circumcised together with Elfman, 1 year after he joined the guild, the story of why and how it happened will be another story. Loke makes a good relationship with the other members, especially with Gray which is the closest. But, even being as the closest, Loke never had sex with Gray as he was afraid that if Gray found out that he is a bisexual, he would not want to make friend with him again, he never see any sign of lust of Gray towards guys as he always flaccid when he is naked. Whenever he took a bath together with Gray at the outdoor bathroom, he always peek at Gray flaccid penis, which is about 6.5cm long. He always masturbate before take a bath together with Gray as he afraid that he will be having a hard on later on. Acting as a straight guy, Loke tried to act normally and he sometimes teased Gray for being uncut. When he sometimes get a semi-erection when taking a bath, Gray always think that Loke cannot handle the cold weather, which makes Loke felt not guily.

That day Loke decided to find out why Gray never wanted to undergo circumcision. Loke is a circumsexual guy that have fetishes with all topics related to circumcision. But there is one problem with it, which is why did Gray never wanted to do it when he asked about it, Gray never says anything. Loke, having wanted to see Gray circumcision, had decided to find out why did Gray is so persistence about it, thus, he went to Lamia Scale guild to look for Lyon, Gray old acquaintance.

Loke asked Lyon the things that on his mind. Lyon at first resist to disclose anything, Loke tried by using any possible ways, including by promising that he will give him a nice blow job if he is to tell him. Being not able to resist the offer, Lyon tells Loke but only after he fulfil his promises. Lyon started to undo his cloth and Loke started to kneel down. Lyon then asked Loke to undo his pants and his underwear. Seeing the bulge under his underwear, Loke found out something, he can tell that Lyon is also still uncircumcised. By not wasting any single second he undo his underwear and he see a long foreskin is hanging at Lyon penis.

Loke asked him why he is also uncircumcised, Lyon tell him that the reason that he is also uncut is also the reason of why Gray is also uncut. Loke then started undo all Loke's cloth, pants and underpant and so do Lyon. Both of their penis is already as hard as rock.  Loke erected penis is about 16cm long and Lyon full erected penis is about 15cm long.  Having a long foreskin that is still hanged out of the penis head of about 1cm long, Lyon's penis is still covered with skin even with a boner. He then started playing with Lyon foreskin, he had seen foreskin few times but he never had the chance to actually play with it. He started licking the tips of Lyon foreskin. Lyon's body trembled and shaked generously, Loke knew that for uncircumcised guy, foreskin is the most sensitive part of male's most private part.

Lyon then asked Loke: "If you wanted to know the reason, first, do you know anything about docking and have you ever done docking before?" . Loke shaked his head as he never heard of it before. Loke then says: "I am going to demonstrate it to you".  Lyon then started to point his penis face-to-face, infront of Loke's roundhead penis. He then started to roll his foreskin to Loke's circumcised penis. Lyon asked Loke to hold the skin with his hand and asked him to start masturbating his penis with Lyon foreskin at his penis head. He just know that docking felt so good that it is very intimate and he can felt the sensation of being uncut again. When Loke is about to cum, he wanted to take out his penis from Lyon foreskin, Lyon prevented him and makes him cum inside of Lyon foreskin and they kissed each other.


The next day, Loke went back to Fairy Tail, and was looking for Gray. He finally found him in the bathroom already completely naked. He tell Gray that he was sorry to force him to undergo circumcision and promised not to tease him ever again. Gray then smiles to him and tell him that "You are really like my older brother and I really loved you". Suddenly the two of them kissed and Gray whispered to Loke that he always waited for this to happen. Gray started to unbutton Loke's shirt and jeans. He then started to lick at Loke's trunks and wear off his trunk from him. Afterward, they make a 69 position and they started to lick each other. For the first time, Loke see Gray erected penis, which is about 14 cm long, They started to lick each other penis and Loke did played with Gray foreskin by putting his tounge inside his foreskin and licked his head. Being uncircumcised, Gray dick is very sensitive and some precum is already drooling over his dick head. They stopped and Loke he remembered the reason that Lyon tell him, Loke then asked Gray to dock their penis. Gray at first disagree as he don't have long foreskin like what Lyon had. Loke tell him not to worry and asked him to stretch it slowly. With some pain and enjoyment, Gray finally able to stretch his foreskin to cover Loke pemis glans. Gray then masturbate both his and Loke penis and they cum. Both of their sperms are kept inside Gray foreskin. After they had cum, they then started to rest and they rub each others body for cleaning.

However, Gray found out something strange to his penis as his foreskin cannot be rolled back to the front. Being panicked, he told Loke about this. They then force Gray foreskin to roll back to cover the head like its original position and finally they did after about 4 hours. Gray then tell him that he sometimes always have this problem everytime he mastrubate. Suddenly something cross his mind, he tell Loke that he is now ready and wanted to be circumcised. He only kept himself uncircumcised just wanted to have a one-time experience of docking with Loke. Loke is really surprised with this and felt very guilty. Gray says that no, this is what he always wanted. Loke then asked him that he is sure about that. Gray says that he is very sure of it and in fact, he always think about getting it like what other grown-up man does.


Loke then suggested him of why don't he felt a fake circumcision instead. Gray asked him of what is fake circumcision. Loke tell him that it is basically of how to feel being circumcised when you are not. Loke then tell him to bring some tape and scissors. Loke then started wash Gray penis thoroughly and carefully dry it. With a semi-erection and the foreskin still covering the glans, he wrap a single layer of elastic plaster tape around Gray penis shaft. He then roll back Gray's foreskin back over the band of tape until it has completely covered the tape and the glans is completely exposed. Loke then push the skin in between of the tape and Gray's penis glans so that there is no more wrinkle skin left and he applied another layer of tape. Now Gray can experience of how being circumcised. During the first few day of his fake circumcision, Gray always felt that his dick head is still very sensitive and he sometimes get erected and he always get an uncontrolled cum.

 To be continued to part 2

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