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Laxus is a Power Top

Posted by Fullsucker on March 8, 2012 at 11:10 PM

Warning should  be 18 years or older to view. VERY Explicit. Mage rape. Strong Language. Group Sex. LaxusxGrayxNatsu

In the Fairy Tail Bar...

"NATSU!" yells Fried, "Laxus-sama has decided to allow you to battle him..."

"REALLY!!! shi-shi-shi BOUT time!", hollers Natsu, "I'm all fired up! Where is he? Where is he?!?!?"

"Hold on Natsu!" says Fried, "Gray will you witness the sparring? I have other matters to attend to for the Raijin Tribe..."

Gray after long thought decides " Hmmmmmm Natsu....Getting Pummeled and Electricuted to ashes....WHERE DO I SIGN UP???"

Fried sighs exasperatedly "You too just follow me please"


They arrive at the entrance of a secret cave at the edges of the town of Magnolia. It's surrounded by forest and is pretty secluded...

"LAXUS I'M HERE TO SMASH YOU TO SMITHEREENS!!!" Natsu yells as he charges into the cave.

"Hey Wait up Flaming-Idiot!" and Gray enters the cave as well laving Fried as he walks back into town...


Gray bumps into a still Natsu who's staring at...

"L-Laxus why are you n-naked??" says Gray

Laxus for some reason is on a rather spacious bed made up of straw on top of bedrock and has a farther leg perched up so that his large flaccid cock and blonde pubes are exposed. it's clearly visible by a small fire off to the side of the cave.

Both Natsu and Gray are steering at Laxus's cock which has begun twitching along his thigh. Natsu is the first to say something.

"Ummmm Laxus i think i'll comeback when you're less busy..." Natsu mutters out, "Come'on Gray let's go back so he can change..." And with that the fire and ice mage head to the exit but are dumbfounded when they are block by an invisible forcefield of sorts...

"F-Fried's runes are here..." Gray realizes, "We can't get out for some reason"

"YOU TWO GET BACK HERE AND STRIP AT THE SAME TIME!" yells Laxus from his straw bed within the cave. Both mages seem to be compelled to do so, but they resist with all there might. Natsu tries digging into the rock with his fingers but it feet would unwillingly drag towards Laxus and then his hands began to take off his clothes. Gray had frozen his feet to the ground but he his hands had already ripped his shirt and shorts (litterally ripped) off. And then his feet broke through the ice and both he and Natsu were naked and sprinting back to Laxus.


"I'm going to FUCK the SHIT out of yer asses boys!" Laxus sniggers, "Before you say more there are rules to this cave. One, you may not leave till i say you can. Two, you're magic can only be used for sexual enhancement. And Three, you must follow my orders. For instance...GRAY stuff you're dick inside Natsu's bum!"

"N-No!" cries Natsu, "GRAY w-what are you doing". Gray had parted Natsu's ass cheeks to reveal a throbbing pink bumhole with rough pink fur surrounding it. 

"Natsu i'm trying to stop! but the runes are causing me so much pain! FOR REAL! I AM! BUT IT"S GETTING WORSE...S-SORRY FOR THIS!" and with that Gray plunged his 9 1/2 inch ice rod into Natsu's fiery virgin hole. Natsu screamed from the pain and had tears in his eyes from his humiliation.

"NOW FUCk HIM!" said Laxus who was stroking a fat 10 inch lightning pole at an inhumane speed. Gray b egan thrusting and natsu could feel icy precum as a lubricant for the dry, tight, & hot canal Gray's cock was filling up. Natsu was screaming with each thrust but he had actually begun to get semi-erect from having his arch-rival pound his G-spot to oblivion...

They were both about to cum when Laxus screams "NEITHER OF YOU MAY CUM UNTIL I SAY SO!" and since he didn't tell Gray to stop the hard fucking of Natsu continued even though Gray had already reached a point where he NEEDED to fill his cold seed inside this hot bum. 


"I don't think Neither of you have had enough FUN....but  you may stop...", as soon as Laxus said that Gray's knees buckeled and his dick came out of natsu's ass with a plop. they both collapsed and Laxus continued on "GRAY it's your turn!!"

"L-L-Laxus?" whispered Gray.

"That's right! you're goin to ride my dick HARD while i fuck you silly!" sniggered Laxus, "Do it now". Laxus was laying down and his swollen member was standing straught in the air fully charged. Natsu watched as Gray squatted down and slowly plugged Laxus cock into his boy cunt..

"Boy is this the chilliest virgin hole ever Gray!" Laxus moaned in ectasy

"Laxus it hurts!!!" Groaned Gray but due to fried's magic he had to force himself to start riding laxus' pole as fast and deep as he could manage. He thought his hole ass was becoming enflamed from the pain and tears were streaming down his face from the agony. His position filled him with shame and even more so cause he could see Laxus was fully enjoying using him as a cunt. Laxus' face of pure pleasure told Gray everyhing.

"Gray keep my fist in your mouth" Laxus blurted out after 5 minutes of ravaging Gray (he still is), "Natsu get up!". Natsu did but very awkwardly as his asshole was still gaping from Gray's hard fuck.. "Gray squeeze both my nipples with one hand each, and spread yourself flat on me...Natsu you are going to stick your dragon inside Gray's hole while my dick is plowing him at the same time!" Moaned Laxus "Our dicks will caress each other and become one inside Gray's tight perky bum!!!!" Laxus laughed maniacally.

"NOOOOOOOO" cried Gray. The tears flowed even more onto Laxus huge chest. Gray felt he couldn't handle it anymore. Laxus swollem member was already too much...and his dick was now hard and rubbuing against laxus' abs yet he could not cum at all.

"We'll kill him Laxus!" pleaded Natsu.

"DO IT NOW!" Laxus commanded.

Natsu tried to resist but his head slowly pushed in against Laxus veiny cock and Gray's boy cunt. 

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Gray screeched. it was too much and he passed out. Laxus saw.

"NOW! NATSU NOW! FUCK HIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! HE"S UNCONSCIOUS!"  with that Natsu went into overdrive. He fucked with a passion and fury together with Laxus. Natsu could not come all though he wanted too SOOO bad, and it seemed like Laxus was holding off! Their precum together made an excellent creampie lubricant to continue double penetrating Gray with ease. When gray came to, his anal canal had already grown accustomed to the two dragonslayers slaying his butt apart together. now he was in a pure orgasm state but could not release his seed.

"STOP AND PULL OUT NATSU!" yelled Laxus. Natsu pulled out with Laxus hard dick at the same time leaving Gray's butthole oozing precum that had a long trail to both they're cocks. "NATSU it is time for your fucking! BOTH of you STAND!" They somehow managed. Both Natsu and Gray were in a oure ectasy state and if they could, gallons of sperm would be pumped from their now overfilled testicles.

"Natsu jump and hold onto me!" Laxus yelled. "Gray STUFF THAT LARGE DICK IN HIS BUM RIGHT NOW!" They did as they were told. And once Gray had his dick filled in Natsu's dry dragon ass Laxus crammed his precum lubed Penis inside Natsu as well.


"YEAH TAKE IT NATSU! YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!" Laxus yelled. He spat on Natsu and then began to fuck his asshole veritcally and the speed of light. Gray was working over time as well. Laxus hyper balls slammed into Gray's and their thighs slammed each other while Filling natsu's fire cave.

"AHHHH" panted Laxus

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" moaned Gray. Natsu was now riding their dicks togther fullblast. he was enjopying his constant feeling of orgasm and was twisting and gyrating his buttto squeeze out as much pleasure as possible. finally Laxus was ready.

"MY TURN!" Laxus honkered in pure ectasy. he laid down on his back and commanded "Both of you FUCK ME NOW!!!". Natsu took the left and Gray took the right. Laxus had his legs spread in the air for easier access. Natsu and Gray crammed both their throbbing cocks into Laxus and fucked him harder than he had fucked them  himself. This was their sweet revenge. Laxus was moaning loudly in pleasure and all three mages were stroking his thick hard pole together. 

"I'm CUMMING!!!" screamed Laxus, "you guys FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED NOW!

All three came at the same time. Instanly Laxus' ass was filled with the sticky semen of his captives. Natsu squirted liter after liter of boiling hot sperms inside of him. Gray splurged out liter for liter cold globs of spunk onto Laxus as well. The sperm churned inside and encased their cocks in it. The sperm overflowed out of Laxus large yet firm glutes. Laxus orgasm had splattered gallons all over them and they laid in mage cum paralyzed from the poundings session they had given each other.

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