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Posted by oOChainOfDarknessOo on March 17, 2011 at 7:33 PM

It was like any other ordinary day at fairy tail. Poeple throwing chairs and table at each other while quarreling and whatnot. But out of the corner of Gazille's eye he sees Gray eyeing Natsu. "What was that about?" Gazille thought to himself, but for some odd reason he couldnt stop looking at Gray. Then having his urges for Gray grow day by day, it was unnerving. A few days past and Gazille sarts to become more interested in the look of Gray's eyes filled with lust for Natsu. But then again Gazille knows he could only watch from afar, and that really ticked him off. "How the hell do i make Gray mine?" he thought aloud to himself as he walks out of the guild. Then an idea struck him. If he could blackmail Gray with his love for Natsu he could make him his, but then again, Gray would end up really hateing him. So as Gazille pondered this he found his conclusion. The very next day he grabbed Gray out of the guild and hissed "i need to talk to you." and dragged him down alleyways and into an Inn. "What do you want?" Gray asked in suspicion. But Gazille didnt care, he only wanted one thing and that was to make Gray his. So he shoved Gray on the bed with clothes and all and pinned him down. "What the fuck Gazille!!!" Gray exclaimed. "I want you and if you say anything then im going to tell Natsu you true feelings!" Gazille shouted as he started to tear the clothes away, ripping them with frustration. Gray was too shocked to even react to the comment. Gazille started to kiss Gray on the neck and chess feeling himself getting hard with just having Gray so close. Then Gray recovered and pushed Gazille off a little, because Gazille was still in control. "Gazille, do you really feel that way?" Gray asked looking at him seriously. "What? Yeah. Ive wanted you forever" Gazille said panting, unable to hold himself together as his erection started to get to its limit. "Gazille do you know why i have interest in Natsu in the first place?" Gray asked, still trying to hold back Gazille for a little more. "I dont know, cause Natsu's strong? i dont care." Gazille said in a rush, only wanting to satisfy his needs and make Gray his even if its only one time. He kissed Gray's neck and chest sliding his hand to Gray's upcoming erection and strokeing it. Gray moaned, "No you idiot. Its cause i have a thing for dragon slayers ever since i found my sensei's colection of dragon books and...." Gray didnt finished as he cried out in a moan as Gazille slid a finger in his ass hole. "But i wouldnt ever would have thought you would like me, thats why i targeted my attention to Natsu" Gray said panting a little on the last words. "I cant wait any more." Gazille said as he flipped Gray on his stomach and tore away the last piece of his clothes, whike licking Gray's bare back and tacking his clothes off all the while. "Hurry, i want your big cock in me." And with that it turned Gazille on to his fullest and he entered Gray. Gray cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain. "Ah, sorry" Gazille apologized as he looked at Gray in short cosern. "I dont care. I want more," Gray called "give me more." And with every hard thrust Gray cried out for more as his fetish was fed. In the end they collapsed satisfied. In the morning Gazille woken with Gray on his side. "So do you love me?" Gazille ask? "How could i not?" was Gray'sonly response

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Reply oOChainOfDarknessOo
1:20 PM on March 19, 2011 
yes i know there is a lot of typos and this is my first-est yaoi i have ever created so dont judge me so harshly. DX DONT LOOK AT MY SHAME!